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Our Story

Inspiring Change

WalkingFootball4Health (WaF4H) stands as a beacon of empowerment and development, crossing communities and countries to inspire a profound #commitmenttohealth globally. Spearheaded by Dr Dee, Regional Head (RAAN) & Academic Adjunct (International Collaborations) and Research Scientist at Edith Cowan University Australia & University Malaya's Elite Fellow, who is a multi award winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Celebrity Fitness Personality in Singapore, WaF4H is more than just a movement—it's a research initiative aimed at fostering inclusivity and promoting health and fitness across all spectrums.


Driven by collaborative research efforts with esteemed professionals like Professor Dan Heil and Professor Rob Newton, WaF4H focuses on the transformative power of walking football for individuals and communities alike. Regardless of age, gender, language, or religion, participants embrace this modified sport as a means to enhance their physical, mental, and social well-being.


The journey of WaF4H began with its official launch in Singapore in 2017, marked by competitive matches between Singapore and Malaysia. Since then, the movement has garnered attention on the world stage, with notable achievements such as participation in the 2019 International Walking Football Federation World Cup, the Walking Football Association World Nations Cup 2023 and the establishment of the Walking Football4Health International Communities Games.


At its core, WaF4H advocates for #commitmenttohealth, positivity through social interactions, racial harmony, and inclusivity. By promoting connection, exchange of ideas, and engagement in education, WaF4H Asia aims to build a healthier, more cohesive global community through the universal language of sport.


Acknowledging the invaluable support of its participants and partners, WaF4H continues to pave the way for a brighter, healthier future. As recipients of prestigious awards and accolades, including the Best International Organisation of the Year by The Walking Football Association and the PUBLISH! AWARD by SINGHEALTH, WaF4H remains steadfast in its mission to inspire all to embrace a lifestyle of wellness and vitality.


Join us in the journey towards better health and stronger communities. If you can walk, you can play walking football—because at WaF4H, it's not just about winning, but about uplifting each other and fostering a culture of teamwork and positivity.

WaF4H is a health initiative by Dr Dee Dee Mahmood that aims to promote health and wellness through the game of football. Founded in Singapore in 2016, we have grown into a community that mobilizes people from all over Asia to take action and create a healthier future for themselves and their families. With, bold goals, and a clear strategy, we are making a real impact in society. Join us and be a part of something bigger.

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Our Vision

At WaF4H, our mission is to empower individuals and communities to make a real change in society. We believe that our campaigns are collective efforts that connect and build a stronger Health Movement. Through our work, we strive to create a healthier and more inclusive world for all.

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